Fish Emoji

Please like using the appropriate enoji

Favorite Lure

When your Favorite Lure Gets Snagged

Most Fun

Fishing the most fun you can have without taking your clothes off.

Shiny Thing

Oh Look! A purple shiny thing! Wait a second.... not this again

Bends Over

That feeling you get when she bends over

Size of worm

It's not the size of your worm. It's the way that it wiggles


Honesty Never let the truth get in the way of a good fish story.

Reason 1

Reason #1 why men don't take their wives fishing


Fishing has an option for failure - I go catching


Because Memories Aren't made playing video games

all the time

Is it really that hard to understand why I go fishing all the time


If Monday's were a fish

Sick all week

Sorry I was sick all week my arm was in a cast


Go Home Boat You Are Drunk


playing with

There are plenty of fish in the sea but until I catch one, I'll be here playing with my rod


When your at your funeral, and you hear somebody mention selling your fishing gear!


Jeeezzz Jim ... What Do You Take Us For !!! Clowns !!!

too mainstream

Because fishing in the lake is too mainstream

Income Tax

A Real woman will give her man all of her income tax check for fishing gear