Fishing brick

Do You Fish

Do You Fish

I Love My Wife

I Love it when My Wife lets me go fishing

Look Mom

Look Mom!!! I'm A Catfish!!!


Fishing is like boobs even the small ones are fun to play with

Some girls

Some girls play with dolls.. Real girls go fishing!


fishing the art of jigging, casting, trolling or spinning.... While freezing, sweating, swatting or swearing

Your Wife

Your Wife Waiting for you to come home from fishing

Fish Pun

if you can think of a better fish pun.... ... let minnow


When the teacher keeps talkin and I'm thinkin bout rippin lips

My Spot

When I Catch Someone Fishing in My Spot

Tie her up

She asked me to tie her up and do anything I want - SO I DID...

Bait Caster

When you ask your friend if he knows how to use a bait caster and he says yeah.

hard habit

WARNING Potential Addiction Once you start fishing its a hard habit to break

What Sucks

You know what sucks about bass fishing? Not a damn thing!

No Point

Life without fishing is like a dull pencil there is no point

That Look

That look you have after buying new fishing gear


If this doesn't excite you... then take up knitting!