playing with

There are plenty of fish in the sea but until I catch one, I'll be here playing with my rod


When your at your funeral, and you hear somebody mention selling your fishing gear!


Jeeezzz Jim ... What Do You Take Us For !!! Clowns !!!

too mainstream

Because fishing in the lake is too mainstream

Income Tax

A Real woman will give her man all of her income tax check for fishing gear

kidnap me

How to Kidnap Me - Free fishing gear inside

Problem Solved

Problem Solved

Fishing Spot

When your favorite fishing spot hits facebook

Facebook Needs

Facebook Needs a Gone Fishing Button

How I Get

This is how I get when I can't go fishing

Measuring tape

Redneck Measuring Tape

Wife Shop Fish

When the wife wants to shop but you want to fish

Last cast

I don't always say "last cast." But when i do, I make 20 more after that.

My Face

My Face... When setting the hook.

This Big

"I'm telling you, the fish was THIS BIG..."


When your favorite lure gets snagged